Best Remote Control Power Wheels in 2019 (Nov. Update)

If you are looking for the best remote control power wheels to find online, then you are in the right place as we are going to walk you through the best power wheels that your kid will love.

best power wheels

It’s very important to find the right remote control power wheels for your child. Due to the huge benefits and impact, these electric small cars have on kids, such as making them more responsible and more active on a daily basis. For that matter, we thought since we have a big experience in the field of technology, why not to create a full review on showing the best power wheels with a remote control that you can use to manipulate the car remotely and make sure you will have the safety of your child in your own hands.


As most of the other electric vehicles, they don’t have this amazing option, we made a list of the best power wheels 2019 with a remote control and another one without it. As the remote control that comes with the ride on car has the possibility to let your child control it if he/she feels somehow lazy.

here is a list of the top rated and best remote control power wheels as you can see in the table below:

NameMax SpeedAge RangePrice
Truck Car 12v Kids Ride
4 Miles Per Hour3 to 5 years
Latest Price On Amazon
BMW i8 12V
5 Miles Per Hour2 to 4 years
Latest Price On Amazon
Best Choice Products 12V car
2 Miles Per Hour18 month to 7 years
Latest Price On Amazon
Lamborghini Aventador 6 volts
3 Miles Per Hourabove 3 years
Latest Price On Amazon
Ford Mustang fisher price
5 Miles Per Hour3 years and up
Latest Price On Amazon
Ferrari laferrari power wheels
4 Miles Per Hour2-4 years
Latest Price On Amazon
Jeep Wrangler Style
4 Miles Per Hour24 months and up
Latest Price On Amazon
Mercedes-Benz G55
4.3 Miles Per HourAbove 3 years
Latest Price On Amazon
Black mercedes SLS benz
3 Miles Per Hourabove 3 years
Latest Price On Amazon

Before we dig deep into the options and the detailed review about each and every car that we added to the table above, we would like to give you some useful information and a short way back about the history of remote control power wheels.

Remote control power wheels

The history of best power wheels goes back to the eighties, we can simply define power wheels as an electric car moves using the power wheels battery. This amazing invention happened exactly in 1984 when a company called “kransco” started making these vehicles. And due to the great success of these best power wheels, after two years the company named the line to “power wheels”, and in 1990 they sold over a million units of electric cars for kids per year. The most important subject for us today is the remote control power wheels, and those kinds of cars didn’t appear at that time due to the lack of technology development back then. Just to remind you that our first review was about the best graphics card to buy in 2019  and we thought that we should do another review about these power wheels for kids.

We have been told that finding the right remote control power wheels for the kids is a difficult task. The main reason goes to the huge variety of available options in the wide market in 2019, but we assure our readers that today’s full review is going to make you find which one suits best your needs. You will see in the next list the best remote control power wheels.

1. Truck Car 12-volts kids ride – Best Remote Control Power wheels

Best remote control power wheels

No one can deny the fact when we were kids, we loved to have a small electric car. So whether you had the chance to have it or not, today you’re going to make your little child happy than ever. In the past few years there were only a few models of the remote control power wheels, such as the Barbie and GI Joe Jeeps, However, now there are many amazing available ones.

One of the best remote control rides on cars is the Truck Car 12v ride that you can see in the picture on the right and it’s the best remote control power wheels for parents.

It’s available in different colors, with LED lights and a windshield just like real cars. It has the side mirrors and headlights, it needs a 12-volts power wheels battery to run. With a 2 speed control at 2 miles per hour and 4 mph, the other cool thing it has is a different 6 songs already in it. With the ability to plug in an MP3 and play the favorite kids song. The battery that comes with this car is rechargeable and lasts for 2 hours and it needs to charge for 20 hours at first use.

The most important part is the feature of the remote control ride on car which helps the parents to control it.

Important information

When you get this car, make sure you don’t allow your kid to use it in dangerous places, such as the street and road, ditch. Also, not in a smooth ground such as marble. When the remote control battery is low, the car will only go forward so in this case make sure you replace the battery to get the control back. Only one kid can use this car, do not let two kids in it, as it only can handle 35 kilograms. If you don’t use the remote control power wheels, turn off the power switch. it comes with a full guide on how to assemble it make sure you follow it correctly. Another important fact about the tires as they need to not be full of dirt even the electric car itself so make sure to use the best pressure washer to keep it clean.

Why did we choose this remote control ride on car:

The electric truck car comes with a 2-speed system which is remarkable especially if your kid is new to the best power wheels car, then you should use the first speed as it’s the perfect choice newly users. but, the second one is for a kid who already has an experience in using the speed system.

Besides the fact that this car has two speeding systems, there is another safety precaution which is a switch that could stop the car at any moment, if anything goes wrong. That gives the parents a safe and the peaceful mind which of course they need to let the children use this kind of electric vehicles in a more freeway.

As long as we put our child through the experience of riding these little electric cars, it could help them to develop reflexes and their visual coordination.


2. Lamborghini Aventador 6 volts – Best Power Wheels with Remote

best power wheels with remote

In the third spot, is one of the most known brands in the world as who doesn’t get goosebumps driving a real Lamborghini? we all do right! it’s one of the top luxury cars in the world.

as if I were a child I would love to drive a real Lamborghini, but that is not possible. However, it is when it comes to remote control power wheels, as I can’t speak about the design because it can speak for itself as you can see in the picture on the right side of this post.

the fisher price Lamborghini Aventador is really a piece of art, it’s very important to know exactly where to let kids use this sport cool looking best power wheels with remote, the parent needs to make sure to let their kids use this one on a smooth and flat terrain so it can run fast and steady.

Parents could control the car remotely, as it’s kind of much faster than the previous ones, as they need to keep their hands on that remote control. The Lambo is 12-volt powered electric car, with a rechargeable battery. The remote control power wheels have a maximum speed of 3 miles per hour, and as long as mom and dad have the ability to control the power wheels which by means that they control how fast their kids can go using this fancy electric vehicle.

The sound of the engine is so realistic with an MP3 player, and a real working horn, when you buy this car you can directly give your kid keys as they will feel like grown ups while they also have the ability to adjust the seats so they can fit perfectly and also use seat-belts.

perfect age range for the electric car

Regarding the high speed that this cool looking power wheels Lamborghini car, the age range perfect for kids to drive is safely is above 3 years old as parents also should make sure to be there when the child is trying to play with higher speed.

What we really like about the Aventador electric car:

it might sound slow when we say the power wheel runs 4 miles per hour, but for kids that would be really fast and the most important part is the remote control as the parents will absolutely love this feature, as that could make them feel their child are safe.

3. Red & Black Mercedes Benz SLS – Remote Control Car for Baby

remote control car for babies

another Mercedes Benz and now it’s the amazing SLS, Giants is the company owner and they did manufacture this baby car. As you can see in the picture it looks actually great for boys. However, it has a red color available as it suits more for girls. they can have as much fun as the boys do, the Mercedes-Benz SLS power wheels have two colors available red, and black, it’s one amazing piece of a vehicle designed specifically for kids above the age 3. it’s lovable and tough looking electric Mercedes best power wheels for the little child to drive, it has almost the same design as a real S class.

power wheels contain only a space for one kid either a girl or boy of course and it can hold up to 80 pounds as the doors open the kid could find a realistic seat with a seatbelt and the Mercedes mark on the steering wheels.

This power wheels has a battery of 6 volts as most of the ride on cars we made our review on, it can be charged using the best battery charger, at least 18 hours before the first use.

The bad thing is that we can’t put a 12 volt battery on it. It’s really easy to build it as it’s going to take around 35 minutes to make it.

4. Best Choice Products Kids 12V car – Ride On Remote Control Car

ride on remote control car

This car is a 12-volt powered, with a battery that we can charge to reuse it, so as every single new battery parents must charge it before the first use.

let it for 20 hours on the charging process and make sure no kids can get closer to the battery, as it has some liquids that are not safe for kids. The remote control power wheels have a 2-speed system, as the first comes with a slower version and the second comes with a higher speed version. the first one is made for smaller and younger kids so they can use it slowly and safely. But the second version of the speed is made for heavier and older children so they won’t get bored using the car at a very low speed with no fun that could be involved.

Luxury best power wheels car

The car’s headlights are beautiful like a real luxury car, and the interior look of the car is really stunning. With two seat belts and cool mirrors, this ride on remote control car is that type where you can watch your kid grow older and in the same time enjoying an electric car for more than five years. As this amazing power wheels car suits kids between the age 18 months to 7 years old.

It comes from the best choice products with features such as the MP3 player, and a controlled radio car. this best power wheel comes in three different colors and that’s black, red, and pink which is amazing also for little girls. With no doubt, it has the feature that we made our review on, which is the remote controlling feature as if the kids are not strong enough to use the pedal, parent is able to control it for them and also make sure they are safe, the remote control may be used from Mom and Dad as long as the kids get older or they have more knowledge on how to handle these ride on remote control car, as they are not that hard to do so. And no need to wait every time for their parent to ride it for them.

Preferred Age Range for the electric vehicle:

this remote control power wheel is perfect for toddlers between the age of 18 months to seven years old. However, the younger your kid is, the more you need to be there to control it for him/her remotely.

What we really loved about this remote control kids car:

Why it’s listed in our top best power wheels 2019, due to many reasons, especially the style and the easy to use features with all the safety options it got, there is no doubt that your little child will love it. Keep in mind that you have to use it in a place where the car can move smoothly so it won’t damage it.

5. Ferrari LaFerrari – Power Wheels With Parental Remote

power wheels with parental remote The Ferrari best power wheels speaks for it self as it’s one of the famous sporty cars around the world, as if your little kid loves this brand and can’t drive it in the real world. This one is best for him/her, it’s the best remote control power wheels in the design, the inside looking of the car is as close as the real Ferrari as it has the same design of the steering wheel.

The best part of this car is the unique butterfly doors, the lights are cool and working perfectly with the ability to use turn signals (right or left) using the buttons on the dashboard. It come with a 12 v rechargeable battery, when the kid hits the start button of the power wheels it makes the dashboard lights up and the engine sounds starting up.


This electric car is designed for kids between 2 years old to 4 years old. It comes with a remote control for parents or kids as it can go for all directions with 2.4 GHz, and mp3 player is inculcated with a volume button available in two colors the old school red Ferrari color and the limited edition black color, the parents can assemble this remote control power wheels in less than 30 minutes.

As Our Viewing team Love the design and the great looking of this kids care check out the interior looking as it’s as similar as a real one:

remote control ride on

La Ferrari power wheels car with remote control suits kids in range of 2 – 4 yrs.

what’s the best part of this car:

the great design and the realistic looking with the unique doors made it one of the best remote control power wheels.

6. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang – Remote Control Ride On Car 2 Seater

Remote Control Ride On Car 2 Seater

The Mustang remote control power wheels are designed from the fisher price company, which is great looking for kids who love the American Ford brand. The remote control ride on car 2 seater comes with 4 different color choice for boys and girls and the most solid colors are the light blue and the yellow. as it’s remotely controlled the Mustang Ford has a plenty space for two kids at the same time with a cool sports wheels, the car can take up to 58 kilograms which are around 120 pounds.

The car has a battery of 12 volts with the ability to go as fast as 6 miles per hour, It can run smoothly on a flat surface so make sure to find the right terrain to let your kid enjoy it the as maximum as possible. The best part about the Ford Mustang best power wheels as it comes with a real key that can activate the engine of the car and in the same time the lights.

Interior look for the Ford kids Car

As you can see in the next picture is the interior look of the vehicle:

remote control power wheels for parents

The dashboard of the power wheel has a battery indicator so if it’s not well charged the kid should learn how to know that, as the parents need to teach their kids that. Also, a cup holder in the interior so it could look as real as possible to the child., another safety option is available in the Mustang which is the high-speed lockout system that could limit the top speed of the car with electronic lock brakes.


The Mustang Ford remote control ride on car two-seater is perfect for children above the age of 3 years old as it’s a bit fast for younger toddlers, as parents need to guide their little kids how to ride it correctly with a low speed at first even if they are old enough.


Why we listed the mustang electric car for kids:

no one can deny the fact that fisher price is the most trusted brand when it comes to power wheels, and they are the creators of this mustang. Great design with a remote control safety mechanism for parents to make sure they are there for their kids any time, also the ability to hold two kids at the same time with 2 seater ride on car feature.

7. Mercedes-Benz G55 12V Kids Electric – Luxury Power Wheels

power wheels with parental remote

if your kid is in love with Mercedes brand or you just want to make him do so, then the G-55 is one of the unique Mercedes-Benz brands.

This remote control power wheel is designed with high-quality materials as it’s also licensed luxury power wheels car. It comes at the speed of 4.3 miles per hour as the kid can fully control it using the pedal, the electric vehicle is designed for kids above the age 3 years old. It can take only one place and the wheels are solid with hard plastic for a stable ride especially on a rough surface, it has a 12-volt rechargeable battery like the previous best power wheels.

this one is the same and as it’s important to keep the battery take the time to fully charged before using it. When this car starts it has a really cool realistic engine sound to make it look as real as possible. The ability to connect a device that helps the kid enjoy music by playing his favorite mp3 music and the most important part is the remote control which is also included in this power wheels.

Red Version interior Look

Quick look inside the Mercedes G 55 kids vehicle (The Red Version):

power wheels inside look



The Mercedes luxury ride on car is designed only for kids above the age 3, so make sure to not buy it for younger kids.

the best luxury electric car for kids:

the remote control of this power wheels and the realistic look just like a real Mercedes with an engine sound that made it even cooler.

8. Jeep Wrangler Style – Ride On Car With Remote Control 

ride on car with remote control

If you are looking for a remote control car for a preschool kid, then this electric car is the best for your little kid’s riding passion, as the most of the ride on car with remote control we went through in this review are perfect for road trips, this one is perfect for off the road experience.

The best power wheels comes with the 12v rechargeable battery that can work for around 3 hours, and that’s really great for a kid to enjoy the maximum of his/her time, you should know that this battery needs to charge for at least 20 to 22 hours when you first buy it and then when you use it you can only charge it for around 8 hours.


The overall abilities of this car are holding around 64 pounds which by means a kid with that weight or two kids with 30 pounds each. The speed of this remote control power wheels is around 5 mph, as it might seem a little too fast for some parents, so that’s why they included a remote control so the father and mother won’t have to worry about that anymore. It can go in all directions with full control even the kid is trying to manipulate it, also the interior of the car has real comfortable seats, the overall mechanism is great with electronic brakes as the kid can just take off his feet from the pedal and it will automatically stop.


There is a also a good part is the lights of this car and they are led lights with a realistic view, many button are inside to control the music included on the steering wheels with a battery indicator in the interior, the mp3 player support both IOS and android.

what we love about this kids car:

it’s remotely controlled with a speed of 5 miles per hour and the quality of the materials used designing this remote control power wheels are really fancy.

9. BMW i8 12V Kids Ride – Power Wheels with Remote Control for Parents

In the second spot on our list is the amazing looking BMW electric car, if you have in mind a really cool and great looking little car for your kid to have. As we all know that this brand the majority of customer love all over the world and a child having an as cool car as this one will absolutely be happy with it.

remote control power wheels for paretns

So you simply grab this one for him/her. The greatest part of this cool car is it’s a power wheel with remote control for parents, so you have the ability to help the child if he/she is too young to drive and that actually could feel amazing having the ability to do that.

It’s a 12v kids car and parents need to charge at least 20 hours before you can use it, The electric car should be used at a low speed until the kid get used to it.

After a while when the child gets how he/she can use the car the right way and they are familiar with all the controlling stuff, and they know exactly how to operate it then you can let them to use the faster speed.

Preferred Age Range

This car is perfect for children between 2 to 4 years, father and mother need to assemble the car at first use, it takes around 40 minutes to make it as perfect as it looks.

Why this remote control power wheels is in our list:

 The most important part that we love about this car beside the cool design and the blue color it got, is the remote control that comes with it so you can have  the safety of your child in your hands.

And not only this, it has a two-speed system that allows new kids to go slowly as they get used to all operations available with it and the second speed is for advanced users as they will surely get used to it so they can go faster to enjoy much more riding a cool looking car.

Also, the price is really great regarding all features it got and it’s considered as the best power wheels battery with remote control under $300.

Why we listed this car here:

regardless of all the great features this amazing looking electric power wheels, and If you read the full article you can totally understand that we have to list at least 2 remote control power wheel from the best vehicle brand on the planet: Mercedes


Final Thoughts: Remote Control Toddler Car

Having the electric kids car at home would make great benefits in short and long-term for each kid, no one can deny that any child having an electric power wheel is a lucky one. 

P.S: All of the above remote control power wheels are great and amazing electric cars that you can grab for your child as we base our listing on many factors. Starting from the price to the positive and negative reviews, and most importantly is the feedback from people and parents who already tested these best power wheels.

So as long as you read the full review we made you won’t worry anymore about finding the best remote control power wheel.

In the same time, I would like to also walk you through the best power wheels on the market. The ones don’t have the feature of remote control for who don’t want to pay extra money, or don’t need remote controlled power wheels for their kids as they could be young enough to handle themselves, and let them be responsible at an early age.

Best power wheels

After listing all the above remote control power wheels for the kids, we can’t deny that there is a more great ride on cars that have a huge success and even better in shape and in the feature. However, these cars don’t have the feature of a remote. So if you are looking to find the best power wheels for your child with no remote control feature. Then this part of the article is made for you, as we will be walking you through the best ride on cars in the year of 2019. as we took our precious time to make this article, here is the list which is from our specialists about the best power wheels:

NameMax SpeedAge RangeBattery VoltagePrice
Deere Ground Force Tractor
4 Miles Per Hour 3 to 7 years
Green Kawasaki KFX motorcycle
5.2 Miles Per Hour 3 to 8 years
Ford F150 ride on car
3.4 Miles Per Hour 2 to 8 years
Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler
4.6 Miles Per Hour 3 to 5 years
Camo Dune Racer
5 Miles Per Hour 3 to 6 years

As we all know that the most precious and expensive gift to give to a child on their birthday, or on special occasions like Christmas, is the best power wheels car. It can be looking as cool as a real car, besides the good looking and the precious gift. the ride on car is also a way to help a child develop some really good skills. Like riding and focusing, it helps him/her to feel responsible, with also the ability to develop his/her social life as they go outside and play with neighbors having the same electric car.

1. Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler – Best Girls Power Wheels

best girls power wheels

the next up is an electric power wheel designed only for girls as most of them now know the frozen movie from Disney and its known from kids all over the world.

As most of the parents are willing to give their little daughter a special gift but not being able to realize that. This is the best gift could be ever given to a girl between the age of 3 to 5 years, as girls also love to ride these best power wheels. Especially if they have seen someone as a boy riding it, the Disney jeep is designed as the girl version power wheels. it’s an amazing piece of a car for a little princess.


Even this power wheel has the cute and girly looking it’s still tough, and a great to ride with the design of the movie frozen all over the body of the car. It has a cool light blue when the doors are open, with 2 seats so it can take also two little princesses at the same time. It can hold around 120 pounds, also a place in the back for the girl to store her things.

The electric non remote control power wheels comes with a rechargeable 12 volts battery, and a speed of 4.5 miles per hour. If it seems a little two speedy for the parents, then there is a great option to reduce the speed to around 2 miles per hour. Then it could help the parent to feel comfortable watching their little girl ride slowly and safely.

The girly power wheels is for girls between 3 years to 6 years old.

What we loved about the princess power wheels

 As girls also deserves a part in playing the the electric cars, We must choose for them the best power wheels for girls, and this one is perfectly designed to make any little princess happy than ever.


2. Fisher-Price Green Kawasaki KFX – Power Wheels Motorcycle

power wheels motorcycle

If you are worried about finding a smaller and great looking car for the child to drive. Then you are totally looking for the dune racer power wheels motorcycle.

It’s available in different colors and the most sold one on Amazon is the green and pink, as the green goes for boys, and pink goes for girls. The manufacturer of this ride on car is the fisher price, fisher price power wheel is with a 12 v battery included that could be recharged easily. This electric car could be used in different terrain due to the tough large tired it got. With a top speed of 5.2 MPH, as we already said this car can be used in many different terrains such as park or sand or even at the beach.

the best power wheels can go anywhere as it is built for all kind of tough environment so don’t worry about your child taking it anywhere as it going to fit perfectly. There is a plenty space for two children as it can take up to 140 pounds with amazing looking rims, it has a 2-speed system which is really remarkable as the power wheel can help parents set the right speed for their kids

The power wheels motorcycle suits best for kids above three years old till 8 years. As it can take up to two kids at a time.

The best part of this motorcycle ride on car:

We did choose this electric vehicle for kids as it’s the best power wheels 2019 motorcycle for toddlers. We went through the most important features it got especially the part where it works perfectly on any hard and tough terrain.



The next up in our top 5 lists for best power wheels without a remote control, is the Ford F 150 as this series is one of the best choices for buyers all over the world. The power wheels use only electricity to work, not like the real Ford which is designed to be economic.

Power wheel has a 12 volts rechargeable battery, many parents would think that the battery life won’t be enough. We do agree, but when it comes to loving this truck from Ford, then we don’t have a choice just to buy it. The Ford 150 ride on car comes with 3.4 miles per hour speed, either to go forward or backward. Two colors are available right away when you try to add it to your cart on Amazon, which is yellow and silver. this power wheels also is With the automatically feature of brakes, this feature most of the parents don’t understand as it means that the moment a kid takes off his little feet from the pedal so it stops directly.

it’s the best safety power wheels feature, so parents won’t worry about their kids going on these electric cars that could not stop. It can take up to 50 pounds, with a single seat and 4 big wheels, also with realistic side view mirrors.

The power wheels are created for kid above the age 2 and less than 8 years old. Make sure to not put younger kids on it.

Why it’s listed on Here

 The Ford 150 it can help kids feel that they have a role playing in this life. It also has a great design of a realistic truck and it could help children socialize better in their relations with other kids having the same interests

4. Camo Dune – Racer Power wheels

remote control power wheels for hard surface

the last one in our list is the Camo dune racer, it’s the most sold power wheels for girls and boys on Amazon. With huge positive reviews as it comes with the purple loved color by all girls, and the military green color for boys.

This power wheels can drive in really hard terrain due to the hard plastic wheels used manufacturing this electric car, with a two speed pre-set for safety. As it goes with the first one to 5 mph and in the second to 2 mph, also with a power lock safety brake system.

It includes a rechargeable best power wheels battery with 12 volts, it could really help both girls and boy develop their driving skills.

Recommended Age

the recommende age for this power wheels is between 36 – 6 years old kids

why we listed this at last

we listed this power wheel at last place as it has been out there for so many years. However people are still buying it every single day due to the high positive reviews and the amazing quality of the design.

5. Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force – Children’s Ride On Tractor

children's ride on tractor

In the number one chosen children’s ride on car, we made sure to choose this one as it looks just like the real tractors. 90% of kids love this when they see it in real life, We didn’t list this electric vehicle previously as it doesn’t have the remote control power wheels option.

However, we can’t deny that this will not only make a kid love it. but, also ask how exactly it is used in real life and help them understand that agriculture is one of the most important parts of our economies. Farming is a hard job to do, kids will love to experience how farmers do their job riding a tractor using only a simple power wheels car using

This John Deere ground force tractor with trailer provides a great experience for the kids, it’s called the best farming power wheels due to the feature of big realistic large wheels. it has a battery included with 12 volts that should charge the moment you buy it and leave it for 17 hours. The best part of this power wheels is it can run on any terrain due to the solid plastic wheels, even on a real farm.

Speed abilities

The speed of this NON-remotely controlled power wheels is 4 miles per hour. However, the children’s ride on car has an option of limiting the speed to 2 mph so that parents won’t worry about children under 3 years old to get in trouble. It has an FM radio to make doing the job much cooler, and to enjoy more as the seats are adjustable. The steering wheel looks like just the real one from realistic tractors

The children’s tractor power wheels is designed for kids between the age of 3 to 7 years old. But, kids under the age of 3 can use it under the help of their parents since it doesn’t have a remote control option.

Why we Loved this power wheels:

The big large wheels of this electric power wheel vehicle or tractor made it unique so kids can drive it in any terrain. As they can imagine them selves farming, it’s great for social and emotional kid’s development. Considered the perfect example of a child’s electric car.

Final words on best power wheels

if you happen to read the full article then we are sure that you will choose the right power wheels either with a remote control or without it. As experts, we recommend that you buy a remote control power wheels, so the safety is high and the kid will actually enjoy more.

Please if you have any question regarding finding the right ride on car for your child make sure to ask us in the comments. Protection Status

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