Power Wheels Battery – Top 5 Best 12/6 Volt Batteries

Are you looking for the best power wheels battery to replace the old one that is not working anymore, or damaged? Well, you are in the right place to find which one suits your electric vehicle. My name’s Albert Blackwell, and today I’m going to walk you through the batteries that any power wheels needs and there are actually 2 types the 6 volt battery and the 12 volts on the market.

Power Wheels Battery ultimate guide

power wheels 12 volt battery

We know that it’s so important to find the right power wheels battery replacement for the electric car that you got for your little child. And that is why we created this guide, to help you find the best battery for the kids power wheels. Before we go to the detailed review, check out this summarized table, which contains a list of top rated ride on car batteries (November. 2017): 


Battery nameVoltageAmpirageWeightPrice
Fisher Price rechargeable battery
12 volts9.5 Amp/Hr9.8 pounds Latest Price On Amazon
Fisher-Price Junior rechargeable replacement battery
6 volts 4.0 Amp/Hr2.1 pounds Latest Price On Amazon
Rechargeable Battery 6-Volt Fisher-Price
6 volts 9.5 Amp/Hr5.0 pounds Latest Price On Amazon
12 volts9.5 Amp/Hr9.7 pounds Latest Price On Amazon

How to do the power wheels  battery upgrade?

After parents buy the little car for their beloved children, and the 12 volt battery dies after a certain amount of use ( around a year ). they really get concerned to help their child get back to play again with his power wheels. So whether your battery is dead or non-rechargeable, today and as we already mentioned at the top of our article. We will be showing you the best power wheels battery that you won’t have to think again about the charging process. Power wheels replacement battery is a must to have especially if the quality of the original one is poor or something similar. Let’s not make it any longer and go through directly the best ones around.

1. Fisher Price Rechargeable – Best Power Wheels Battery

In our first spot, is the top-ratedbest power wheels 12 volt battery power wheels 12 volt battery, the manufacturer of this battery is the well-known company Fisher Price. One of the market leaders in Creating the electric cars for kids. If you Have a fisher price brand as power wheels at home or even another one. You don’t have to worry, because when it comes to replacing an old 12-volt power wheel 12 volt battery.

The most important part to consider is the voltage needed for the ride on car to run perfectly, This battery is for power wheels with 12 volts abilities, it can’t work on cars or trucks or even motorcycles that are only powered by 6 volts battery. If you have a 6-volt kids car and you want to get a better one, check our new remote control power wheels. The 12 volts battery is designed to fulfill rigorous requirements to give the best performance possible.

It can be used with vehicles which have power wheels battery type system, and it comes with an instruction book to let you have all the safety needed information. The durability of the battery is amazing, maximum enjoyment and play time for ride on vehicles.

You have to read the instruction that comes with the battery, as it’s considered a dangerous product due to the highly responsive acids the battery has.

How to change the power wheels 12 volts battery

This battery doesn’t come with a charger included, you need to buy a charger. If you already have a charger, you must make sure it suits this type of batteries. if you don’t know if it does suit it or not, you just need to get one from Amazon as we will list the best power wheels battery charger in this article. 

Reasons this 12 volt battery is the best

We did choose this battery as a first place not only due to the famous brand it comes from. But, to other factors that we consider and we highly value on our website. The battery has great positive reviews as most buyers are saying it worked perfectly, and for those who did complain about some problems they had when charging the power wheels battery, comes from people who never read the guide that comes with it. It can suit all the electric cars that run on 12 volts and it last longer than any battery on the market.

What’s the Perfect charger?

As you may know that the use of the wrong type of charger may result in a fire or an explosion which means a serious injury, so let’s go through the best 12 volts power wheels battery charger which is safe and top-rated on Amazon.

00801-1778 charger – power wheels 12 volt battery charger

power wheels 12 volt battery charger

As you can see in the photo nothing is really special but it’s the safest one and designed for the power wheels with 12 volt capacity that I added above to my review.

The most important other thing parents should know before buying this charger is that to not leave it to the kids due to the heavy power wheels battery. The fact that it contains electrolyte acids, and if the battery is dropped it could cause a serious injury.

Also do not ever allow the kids to charge it. The little kid may be in an involved in electricity injury. When you first get the battery examine the battery very well and make sure the connectors are not damaged, and if you do so find it like that do not use it until you’re done with the replacement of the bad parts.

How much time to charge the power wheels 12 volt battery?

Power wheels battery

The power wheels 12 volt battery needs to be charged at least 18 hours before you can use it the first time. however, do not actually go and charge it for above 30 hours which means it will go through what we call overcharging and that may cause the battery to have a shorter life.

After you are done with the initial charge you also need to recharge the power wheels 12 volt battery for at least 14 hours every and each time you use it. regardless of the use of the electric vehicle, as I already mentioned before that the acids (electrolyte) which the battery contains may leak out if you don’t check the possibility if there is any holes in it.

it’s very important to make sure it’s not out since the acids are very corrosive.

power wheels 12v battery charger


Again the power wheels  12 volt battery doesn’t come with a charger and here is the link to Amazon for the best one available. As you can see in the picture on the right you have to plug the charger connector into the socket in the battery.

I already said that you have to charge the power wheels 12 volt battery at the first time at least 18 hours and 14 hours after each time you use. Now let’s say you finished the charging what do you need to do next ? just remove the charger connector from the battery socket, and the charger from the wall outlet then it’s ready to be used for the power wheels vehicle for your little kid.

2. Junior rechargeable – Power wheels 6 volt battery

power wheels 6 volt batteryLet’s now go back to our power wheels 6 volt battery review, as you can see it’s a bit smaller than the previous one 12v battery. only approved power wheels batteries will work with this one, the vehicles that have 6v and 4.0 amperage per Hr system, the product weight around 2.1 pounds and since this battery is considered somehow a dangerous product regarding the liquid acids it contains, it could be shipped only in the US.

However, if you don’t live in the united states you can contact the seller and see if they can ship it to you. If you order the 6 volts ride on car battery it will take around 2 days to be shipped to your address as the item needs to be shipped via ground only.

The color of this product is blue ( it’s my favorite color by the way). And as an example of the vehicles that work perfectly with this item are the Volkswagen New Beetle power wheels, Disney Pixar Cars 2 and much more others.


P6829 single toddler – Best power wheels 6 volt battery charger


I did put this battery top-rated rated ones on Amazon on my table. and it’s designed only for power wheels that have a 6v and 4.0 Amp/hr system, and this one needs also a charger that you can find it here.

The charging process of the the battery with 6 volts capacity is a bit different than the previous one but it’s easy as you can see in the next picture Just do plug the battery connector to the charger connector.




As long as it requires 6 volts with 4.0 Amp battery system. The product got more than 4.5 good reviews till this moment, and it’s one of top selling power wheels battery for the 6-volt type. Some of the buyers claim that the battery never worked. But the problem I’m sure, they didn’t read the full guide on how to charge it. As it needs around 18 to 30 hours for the first charge. About the other buyers, they said it’s working perfectly fine.

3. Rechargeable Fisher-Price – power wheels 6v battery

best power wheels 6 volt battery

Another battery which is 6 volts for power wheels, which is having a 6V Plus 9.5 Amp/Hr. And it’s greater Amperage than the previous one, also as I already said it depends on your electric vehicle. And what exactly suits it for the best to work.

The color of this battery is red. It’s rechargeable, and it lasts for a day. It needs to be charged at least  14 hours after each time you use it. There is a possibility to know if the power wheels 6 volt battery suits your needs. Just see the next picture and if the vehicle has a similar connector to the one showing. Then the battery is perfect and compatible for use in the kids ride on.



If not just before you have it, you can contact the seller to ask for the following converter, so it will work perfectly.

power wheels 6 volt battery charger

00801-1779 red charger

best 6 volt battery charger 2018

The battery doesn’t need to be removed every time you recharge it, and it’s very important as the first time you use it to examine the battery very well, for any damage to the cord or the plug or any other part of the power wheels 6 volt battery. Because of the possibility of an injury from a possible explosion for the wrong use.

The battery also has a built-in thermal fuse, which is a self-resetting safety device, that automatically trips and shuts down the operations of the vehicle if it’s overloaded or driving conditions are too severe. This one also needs a P6829 power wheels charger, it works only with power wheels batteries with 6 Volts and 4.0 Amp per hour. You have to use this charger because the wrong use type battery may cause a fire.

4. Orange Top – power wheels battery 12 volt

6 volt power wheels battery replacement

The other power wheels 12 volt battery that I’m going to walk you through today, is the one with a higher amperage of 9.5 Amp per Hr. It’s without a doubt rechargeable, and it has a built-in thermal included fuse. You have to read the instructions carefully that comes with the battery, and it should be used only with ride on vehicles that are compatible with it.

The color of this battery is Orange, and you can check all the working model on amazon’s selling page of this one. And if you buy it you have to wait around 48 hours, as I already said it could only be delivered by ground, and it’s forbidden to take a battery overseas or in planes. The model of this power wheels replacement battery got very amazing positive reviews on Amazon.
The weight of this product is 9.7 pounds, and it could only be shipped inside the US. otherwise, you have to send a message to the seller asking if they have agents around the world, so you to get yours if you are not a US citizen. This battery also needs a suiting charger for it, and it’s the 00801 power wheels charger.

The history of power wheels 12 volt batteries

It goes back to 1984 when a company in San Francisco called Kransco. The company used to make batteries for vehicles and they had an idea why not to create batteries for a little car, and actually for kids. The project made a great success and sold over  1 million power wheels cars and batteries in 1990. As we speak there are more than 100 brands that are been sold over the world now.

When we say a battery for small cars like power wheels it doesn’t mean it’s going to be only for a little car. It could also go for a truck or a motorcycle power wheels. If we talk about the safety of these cars and the small car batteries, in the past some people complained. and exactly there was one about a Porsche 911 with a battery of 18v, and the thing that happened is that the battery didn’t stop. that was in the past and now the best power wheels are very developed and they took safety to the next level.

power wheels replacement battery

the meaning of a power wheels for those who came across my article and they don’t know what the small capacity battery is used for.  Let’s explain it as simple as possible, it’s a car designed only for kids between the age of 12 months to 7 years old little kid. It uses a battery to be powered within and for the reason that this kind of cars needs a battery so today I’m going through the best power wheels battery 2018.

the engineers did develop the card which is kids friendly and what makes it special is that it has so realistic features as similar as a real car, and in some cases the little kids car has a real working feature such as the FM radios and the ability to open and close doors just like the real ones. And even an opening hood, it also has power lock brakes and the best thing that the car doesn’t only go forward, it can go backward too.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

Conclusion: at the end, I just would like to say that choosing the right power wheels 12 volt battery for your electric vehicle is very important. Regarding that batteries has a dangerous fluid inside, and if it’s not used correctly, it might cause a real problem to the user. As most of them are kids, With that been said I walked you through all the details you need to find the best power wheels 6volt battery, You can grab right now from Amazon. And the top-rated which means people used these batteries and they got many great ratings.

So make sure you read the article again to be concentrated on the right use of the 12 volts battery and I hope that this blog post was helpful for many parents out there looking to find the best product and how to use these batteries in the right way and if anyone has a question or any concern I’ll be happy to answer any question as  I have a big experience in the field of power wheels and batteries in general.


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