10 Best Hanging Chair Stand in 2019 – Reviews (Jan updated)

Having the perfect hanging chair stand at home would help us relax and feel much better after a long day of work to relax and enjoy the moment of reading a book or just close our eyes and have a small nap. With that being said, finding the right hanging chair that has a stand included in 2019 is actually a hard task to do. For that matter, we at online today reviews decided to create a full guide that contains the best hanging chair on the market with the pros and cons you should consider before buying it.

Hanging chair stand

Here is a summarized table of the top 10 hanging chairs with stand on the market.

Chair nametypePrice
Christopher KnightOutdoor Latest Price On Amazon
Island Bayoutdoor Latest Price On Amazon
Flower Houseindoor and outdoor Latest Price On Amazon
Sunnydaze Jumbooutdoor Latest Price On Amazon
Nova Microdermabrasion indoor and outdoor Latest Price On Amazon
Sorbus - cheap hanging chairoutdoor only Latest Price On Amazon
Super deal C Frame outdoor Latest Price On Amazon
FDW - Hanging chaise Latest Price On Amazon
Sunnydaze cheapest hanging chairoutdoor and indoor Latest Price On Amazon
Art to a real egg-shapedoutdoor Latest Price On Amazon

Before we dig deep into reviewing each and every chair we provided on the table, we wanted to make you aware that listing these chairs was based on different factors. Unlike other online reviews that consider the price is the only right factor to know if the product is right for you. We take into consideration many important factors such as the quality of the raw materials used to fabricate the hanging chair, the company background, reviews from people who already bought the product. and feedback, and for sure price is also included.

1. Christopher Knight – Best Hanging chair with stand

best hanging chair stand

In the first place, we got the outdoor brown wicker chair that has a stand, it’s shaped like an egg, it is larger than you could expect when you see in the picture. The hanging chair with stand is very comfortable. they used the metal bars with a fake wood weaving for the support for this hanging chair.

You could even put your legs in and enjoy your backyard and still feel very comfortable. The overall materials used to fabricate this chair are great and durable. the shape is very nice looking. The product will arrive in 2 packages, the assembly is very easy and it can only take 20 minutes to finish it. The chair is for the outdoor use, so it’s preferable to put it outside instead of using it inside.

If you prefer an indoor hanging chair stand we will provide more option and the best to find in our list, you just need to keep reading our reviews. You can swing the chair all the way around as much as 360 degrees. However, the pole black will probably block you if you try to swing all the way around. It’s very steady if you do the assembling right. Most buyers are lazy to do it right and they wanted to do it fast. We advise you to do it slowly and the right way especially the egg part. It’s still possible to use it in a chamber which means indoor. this hanging chair is the best that you can find online.


  • Beautiful design
  • great materials
  • easy to use
  • durable
  • big enough


  • a bit hard in assembly
  • heavy for older women

2. Island Bay – Best outdoor stand hanging chair

best outdoor stand hanging chair

In the second spot we have the island bay hanging egg chair with stand and tuft khaki cushion, the chair is higher in price than the previous one we listed. It’s still similar but better in materials, the stand of this chair is fabricated with very strong and durable steel that will provide a great support and a steady relaxed feeling when you get in. the steel chair frame is wrapped in espresso resin.

The only bad thing probably couples won’t like, is it’s only for one person. the hanging chair with stand is really luxurious looking and will add a great view of your backyard. You will totally feel relaxed after using it. it’s sturdy and comfortable. The weight limit is 200 pounds, so make sure that you are not overweight or this chair won’t hold you. The assembly part is very easy and you can finish it in 20 minutes like all the buyers did. it can be used for reading or relaxing especially at the end of the day.

The overall advice we can give you is that this chair is really a piece of work, there are some negative reviews related to the assembly problems. In our opinion that happens a lot, so if you ever face problems with assembly or bad quality chair that arrives you just need to call the customer service and ask for a replacement. They are really great and they won’t mind helping you. it does worth the price listed for


  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • indoor and outdoor chair
  • high-quality steel


  • some reviewer found missing parts it could be solved by contacting the seller and it rarely happens


3. Flower House – Best indoor hanging chair

Best indoor hanging chairIn the third place, there is the flower house indoor hanging chair withstand, it’s small sized that won’t takes a lot of places to put it. The best thing we liked about it, is the beautiful design and it can be a great addition to your home garden. it’s fabricated with a high quality weather resistant fabric which makes it very durable. it’s 66 inches high and for sure it has a stand included with it.

Many colors are available, so if you prefer your own favorite colors the flower house company would be pleased to provide it. this chair is a small sized so make sure you are buying it for your kids, not for you. if you have a son or a daughter that loves these hanging chairs with a stand. This is the perfect product you can have for them. The assembly is a bit difficult and possible for sure you just need to follow the instructions included. this egg hanging chair is very price friendly and it’s the amazon’s choice.

In general, if you have a kid that loves to relax and read books, this would be the perfect gift for them.


  • High quality hanging chair stand
  • very beautiful design
  • small sized chair for kids


  • Only for kids

hard to assemble

4. Sunnydaze Jumbo – indoor and outdoor hanging chair

indoor and outdoor hanging chair

in the fourth place we have a chair that can be placed in outdoor or in the indoor, it comes from a well known company for fabricated the home and garden products with one of the great talented designers. this hammock swing chair is large and it fits any size with a seat of 60 inches long and 44 inches wide. the chair materials are good and durable cotton polyester.

The rope is 25 inches thick for a good comfortable experience. We assure that this chair is really wide and it holds up really well, you need to put inside when it’s raining. Because it could take a long time for the thick materials used to fabricate it to dry. Cool and nice colors this product has. Very sturdy and you can attach the base to the ground as the item has screw holes in each leg. When it comes to assembly this hanging chair with stand is very easy to put together. the chair is big enough so you make sure that you have plenty of room for it.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Big hanging chair
  • Durable


  • Hard to dry

5. Nova Microdermabrasion – Best rope chair

best rope chair with stand

In the fifth place, we have a very nice looking and price friendly hanging rope chair with stand, it’s made of high-quality cotton and polyester. it can be placed in any climate which means you can use it as an indoor or an outdoor chair. When selecting chairs one of the things you have to consider is the weight capacity otherwise you will end up buying a chair that doesn’t suit your needs.

This Nova hanging chair can take up to 250 lbs and it’s perfect for heavy duty. one of the best things we like about it is the footrest part and another pillow to maximize your relaxation. So the chair comes with 2 pillows and a woven seat that is attached to the arm stand. when we talk about assembly many buyers get afraid and frustrated of this part. The Nova hanging chair stand is very easy to put together and it doesn’t even have any instructions. You can start using it only after 15 minutes !


  • Cheap and reliable chair
  • High quality
  • Foot relaxing added
  • 2 pillows included


  • No assembly instructions are included

6. Sorbus – cheap hanging chair stand for outdoor/indoor

Cheap hanging chair with stand for indoor and outdoor

in the 6th place, we’ve got one of the great chairs with a stand that is cheap and good looking. This chair is a hammock with a swing that can be used indoor or outdoor with ease. the hanging chair with stand is very relaxing and comfortable with the swing mechanism.

One of the things we liked is the multiple uses for indoor and outdoor. if you are someone who doesn’t like to keep things in their places for so long and you wanted to move this chair into another place, let us tell you that it’s very easy to move around because it’s very light in weight and you can hang it almost anywhere. Very sturdy and stylish design that we actually were amazed by a company like Sorbus.

It can take people up to 265 pounds. It’s a good home furniture to add to your garden or patio. sturdy frame for durability. You can even use it in your room, very easy to setup and superior strength and there is no assembly required


  • Budget-friendly swing chair
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to move and settle
  • High-quality materials


  • You can’t put it in some spots

Outdoor hanging chair

7. Super deal C Frame – Very solid hanging outdoor chair with a stand

solid hanging chair with stand

The seventh place we got a chair stand C frame that you can place inside or outside your home easily. the weight of this hanging chair is very light and it includes two pillows to make the relaxation feeling with a better experience. It’s perfect for a backyard use.

Real heavy duty stand works perfectly with almost every air chairs, multicolors are available by your choice. The price is affordable and not that expensive as it cost less than 115 dollars by the time this review is made. People buy the hanging chair to relax and feel better, we assure you that this one has a great comfort. You have to understand that the company will ship to you 2 different packages if you decide to make a purchase. To make sure that the chair hanging in a very good condition.

One of the bad things people complained that it doesn’t survive the rain, so if you ever feel like rain is coming you make sure to get it inside. Other than that it’s a great choice. You can assemble this hanging chair stand easily.


  • Cheap comfortable quality chair
  • Multi colors available
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable


  • Don’t survive in the rain

8. FDW – Hanging chaise swing stand chair

Swing stand chair

the 8th place we selected a cool and nice looking chair that can survive the rain unlike the previous one with a very affordable price. This chair is comfortable and durable because of the polyester fabrics created within and the stand consists of very solid steel it can take up to 250 pounds for a single person and one of the things we loved and made us list this chair on our reviews is the canopy that has a protection from the sun and the rain as you can see in the picture.

It looks like a dream chair you will enjoy the summer lying on it reading a book or just having a nap. Some people we talked to review this product told us that the comfortable feature is beyond as some actually slept on it. The assembly part is very easy and won’t take more than half an hour to do it.


  • Very comfortable
  • Good looking chair
  • Easy to assemble


  • No price mention you have to contact the supplier to know

9. Sunnydaze cheapest hanging chair with stand

the dimensions of this hanging chair are 59 inches long cheapest hanging chair with standand 28 inches wide, very lightweight which is around 10 pounds and it can take a weight of a person inside 170 which is not as good as the products we already mentioned before. But looking at its price it’s really worth it as it’s less than 40 dollars by the time we are writing this review. The chair is made of very soft cotton materials. It’s very easy to hang where ever you want which makes it possible to use outdoor and indoor.

The company provides a one year warranty. A lot of our readers sent us messages asking whether this chair is good for kids. We answered that if someone would tell us which is the best affordable hanging chair stand for kids we would say go for this one. there is no assembly required and it can put anywhere. you can choose from different available colors on the sales page.


  • Very cheap hanging chair
  • indoor and outdoor use
  • Perfect for kids


  • Doesn’t support the high weight

10. Art to a real egg-shaped hanging chair

Egg shaped hanging chair

The last one in our review article is the egg-shaped hanging chair with a stand that can be used only outside so it’s an outdoor chair.

This chair is one the best hanging chairs on the market with a stand, despite the fact that it’s expensive which can cost you more than 300 dollars by the time we are doing our review on it. It’s very fashionable design, egg-shaped porch swing it can be the perfect addition to your home garden or your patio. Unlike the other stands that are made of metal, which can make the chair heavy to move around.

This one is a powder-coated metal frame that is light in weight and very durable. it’s water resistant and you won’t have to worry about the rain. Assembly part is very easy and you can just follow the instructions given in the manual included when you buy this hanging chair stand.


  • Easy to move around with coated metal
  • Amazing materials
  • Beautiful design
  • Comfortable


  • High in price

Conclusion about these chairs

When you try to buy your hanging chair stand make sure to ask your self-major questions, like what is best for me including price and quality, indoor or outdoor use, for me of for my kids. For that reason, we made sure to list 10 stand chairs that you will have to read our reviews carefully before you make a purchase. selecting the right chair will save you money and will make you feel the right comfort you are seeking to have.

Our editors tested and went through 50 plus chairs to make this list if you have any question regarding our review please don’t hesitate to contact us on our email. The list is not final and we will update the chair stands every single month by adding more content and more reviews to keep this review article the best place to find the hanging chairs for your needs. You can also leave us a comment and our team of moderators will let us know about your concern.

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