Best Electric Pressure Washer – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right electric pressure washer has a great importance.
For that matter, we at On Reviews Created this full detailed Guide on which it’ll help you not only choose the best electric pressure washer. But, to help you find which one suits your need. From which we know, everyone who is looking for power washer has a different goal to use it.

Best Electric Pressure Washer 2017

Electric pressure washer

in our next list, you will see the best electric pressure washer on the market as we listed these washers based on different factors starting from quality, to customer rating reviews, and most importantly feedback from people who already tested the product.

NamePressureWeightHose LengthWater flowPrice
160 BAR18.38 kg8 m600 L/h
Bosch AQT 45_14
140 BAR22 kg8 m450 L/h
Nilfisk P150 2-10 X-Tra
160 BAR26 kg10 m610 L/h
Karcher K5 Premium
145 BAR13.6 kg8 m500 L/h
Sun Joe SPX3000
140 BAR31 LBS19 m400 L/h
Karcher K5
130 BAR11.42 Kg6 m420 L/h
Karcher K5
110 BAR4 Kg3 m330 L/h

1. Karcher K7 – Best Electric Pressure Washer For the Money

best electric pressure washer

First of all, the previous review we did on petrol pressure washers is different than the electric ones. So when it comes to electricity. The washer needs to be wired or it might have a battery included. This electrical best washer is the perfect and very powerful for any job you are intending to do with.

So whatever you are going to throw it at. it will not disappoint you. it also comes with a range of attachments and as we already said, it might be a bit expensive. But, it does worth every dime so If you don’t have any money issue. It’s your best choice.

It has an attractive design and easy to put together when you first get it out. also, it has a LED display which helps knowing how hard is going.

The K7 best electric pressure washer comes with a pump pressure of 160 BAR, The power is 2800 watts as some might think that with such amount, it would consume more water. In fact, the built-in eco switch reduces the consumption by 20%.

Important Information that you should know about

Pressure  Hose Length Motor Water flow Rater
160 bar 8m 2800 W 600 L/h

Why did we choose this K7 as best electric pressure washer

The Karcher K7 best electric pressure washer is a beast compared to all available washers out there as it can do heavy cleaning duty with ease. The low noise that it has and the genius idea of the onboard detergent tank. we can use it in a daily or weekly basis, all depends on what you are willing to use for. and it’s actually way better than the old K5

It comes with T450 cleaner & a dirt blaster lance. it could then provide more cleaning that a normal lance, and the possibility to adjust it for different surfaces.

where could it be used?

  • All kind of Vehicles
  • Bicycles
  • Furniture
  • Stone
  • Machine tools
  • House
  • Walls
  • Swimming pool

2. Bosch AQT 45_14 – Best pressure washer cleaner

best pressure washer cleaner

To be honest, the first electrical pressure washer one is way better than this one, as it can be used for all kind of tasks. However, it’s not always the highest in price is the best for us. As I already mentioned before that, it all depends on what you are going to use it for, This one comes from one of the best companies in the world in selling DIY and tools it’s the Bosche pressure washer.

If you are willing to use it in fewer duties such as on a hard to clean machines and surfaces and other easy tasks then, it’s best for you as it’s less in price (almost half the of the first best electric pressure washer).

When it comes to design we can say it’s really well, the first time you will see the washer you will directly feel that it’s strong. as the Bosch AQT compared to many others in the same price and similar characteristics, it’s way better.

It can be used for different tasks such as cleaning a patio or a truck. and even driveway. The wheels that it has could help to reach spots of any surface. with the high power output option and the different accessories especially for cleaning a car.

Important Information about this pressure washer

Pressure  Hose length Motor Water flow Rate
140 Bar 8m 2100 W 450 L/h

As if we compare it to the first one it has less water flow rate with 450L per hour and 2100 w motor but it’s still a real good powerful pressure washer. designed for duties like doing the cleaning for a large vehicle, driveways, and patios.

Why this power pressure washer is in our list

It’s the perfect choice for those looking for less price and less features, it’s a powerful best electric pressure washer .If we take a look at the flow rate and the pressure of it, we can get to a point where it can actually clean machine and surfaces with ease. It’s totally true the the weight of this electric pressure washer is heavy, However it has an adjustable wheels. For those who have any kind of back pain, do not move it around by your self as the weight is around 22kg accessories are included with 2 year warranty.

Best to be used for

  • Patio
  • Driveway
  • Grime
  • Truck
  • Bicycles
  • Vehicles …

3. Nilfisk P150 2-10 X-Tra – Best eco-friendly electric pressure washer

best Eco-friendly pressure washer

This best electric pressure washer comes from the NILFISK company that was founded in 1906, it’s a professional cleaning equipment supplier. This is not a Gas powered wash, it uses electricity as a source of power. it is designed for heavy duty tasks for both tradesmen and home-users such as washing the driveway or cleaning mud and dirt from their vehicles.

if we ask the question of what’s perfect for this electric pressure washer to work on, the answer is quite obvious from the power of the motor it’s the top model and for that matter, it can be used for very heavy duty job.

in the beginning, we said that it’s perfect for both tradesmen and home use so tradesmen can wash easily a garden landscaping or where ever they were working on.

It’s considered the top model best electric pressure washer for this brand, for that reason, we can’t expect it to be low in power as it has 2900 watts motor and 150 Bar
and a great water flow.

NILFISK Pressure Washer Key Features

  • Powerful motor: The power of this motor which helps for sure to maximize the overall performance of this tool. an aluminum pump and a filter to prevent it from debris. 
  • ON/OFF automatically: it’s for safety measures and instant control the auto cut-out protects the motor. 
  • Adjustable pressure: it helps to reduce the water flow wich means avoiding spending too much water (eco-friendly).

General eco-friendly best pressure washer info

Pressure  Hose length Motor Water flow Rate
160 Bar 10m 2900 W 610 L/h

Final thoughts about Nilfisk washer

The fact that this pressure washer is ideal for different tasks when we put into work, with a great motor and the safety system that it has with the auto on/off button it’s one of the best electric pressure washers out there competing with the karcher k7. it’s well built and it has a warranty of 2 year.

Best to be Used For

  • Dirt removal
  • Home use
  • Van
  • 4X4
  • Bycicles
  • Vehicles
  • Driveway

4. Karcher K5 Premium – Electric power washer

electric power washer

If we say which is the best company for selling electric pressure washers, we definitely go with the KARCHER, it’s considered to be the leader in selling these machines, if you are a fan and you want a great washer similar to the K7 and less in price from the same company then the Karcher K5 is best for you as it’s less than £400 and it’s perfect for most of the jobs intended to be used for.

The best part is that it comes with many accessories that everyone needs, the washer can be used for a lot of cleaning goals starting from garden furniture to cleaning your vehicle, also if you want to make your patio clean as a new one it won’t disappoint you.

This version of the Karcher series is really powerful with an eco-friendly material, come with 8m Hose good for washing cars
with a T350 patio cleaner works perfectly for surfaces like doors and driveways, also a dirt blaster, Vario lance and a clean detergent and universal eco-plug, suction hose and filter.

The reason why this one of the best pressure washer from Karcher due to the powerful motor that has 2100 watt that pumps out the water by 500 l/hour, it’s for sure more than enough fo doing many tasks we are willing to, such as cleaning a driveway or a patio all dirt will be removed.

Important power washer information

Pressure  Hose length Motor Water flow Rate
145 Bar 8m 2100 W 500 L/h

Reasons to Buy this power whasher

The best electric pressure washer k5 is really easy to use with a very light weight compared to the previous ones we included in our list and it comes with many accessories. gets the job done when you intend to use it to clean your car and the 5 year warranty as the karcher company always put on its product is really great.

List of the accessories included

  • T350 T-tracer
  • Transport handle
  • Vario lance
  • Regulator
  • High-pressure hose
  • Dirtblaster
  • Adaptor
  • Detergent
  • Eco Universal Plug and Clean

5. Sun Joe SPX3000 – Best selling in US pressure washer

best selling in US pressure washer

We previously listed on top of the page the best electric pressure washer, and now it’s time for the budget-friendly electric washers That are low in price with great features and much more positive reviews. In our number 5 spot is considered the best selling washer on Amazon US, the Sun Joe SPX 3000 electric pressure washer.

Comes from the great company The Snow Joe, which provides high quality and innovative tools. It was fist launched back in 2004, with great success due to the low prices they are offering and the high-quality performance of their products. if you are intending to use this best electric pressure washer for your truck or your garden equipment, then it’s perfect for that kind of duties it can clean by sending waves of high-pressure water as it can remove grime and grease, mud and dirt on a car.

If you are intending to use this pressure washer for your truck or your garden equipment, then it’s perfect for that kind of duties it can clean by sending waves of high-pressure water as it can remove grime and grease, mud and dirt on a car.
Not like most of electric pressure washers, when it comes to assembling we may need a previous experience , but this best selling pressure washer doesn’t require an experiece for assembly. It doesn’t come assembled for sure, butdon’t worry, it won’t take too much time to do as it’s going to take around half an hour. it comes with a dual tank as it’s easy to switch from one to another

Important electric power washer information

Pressure  Weight Motor Hose
140 Bar 31 (lb.) 1800 W 19

The only thing you have to consider is that this pressure washer is not available on amazon UK for the meanwhile and only on the US version and you have to pay extra money for the shipping.

6. Karcher K4 – Best Selling Pressure Washer UK

Best selling in UK pressure washer

The Karcher company is always our best choice, besides the Karcher k5 and the best on our list is the K7. we can’t avoid also talk about the best selling pressure washer on Amazon UK. it’s the Karcher K4 cleaner. It’s a great product from the fact of easy to use to the included items.

The new version of this beast pressure washer, unlike the Gas pressure washers. it comes with an innovative design as they kept the old yellow outer color as the main color.

if you are looking for a way to clean your car or to clean your home especially if you live in the US then your main problem is dirt and mud all over your car or home. what makes it unique is the full control of it as it’s for those
who are looking to maximize the pressure for the purpose of a clean environment they live in. 

The LED display that this best selling washer has could help the user to check the selected level of pressure, it’s a great option especially for those who are new to using this tool so they can know which setting to use without the need to call an experienced one for this matter.

The washer features

Pressure  Hose length Motor Water flow Rate
130 Bar 6m 1800 W 420 L/h

This one is designed mostly for cars and home use, not like the previous Karcher brand washers we talked about, if you have a car with a lot of mud on tires, you don’t have to worry about it anymore as it has a dirt blaster lance which can take off any mud. 

The dirt blaster has the option where you can use from different three levels of pressure until you can find the one perfect for which surface you will be using on. it’s a new system that the Karcher developed unlike other similar electric pressure washers out there.

Why having this washer won’t disappoint you

If you are willing to clean your car with the perfect washer, this is your best choice with a 4-year warranty (as most other companies out there provide only 2-year warranty for such similar products)
the price might be more than the competitors, but believe me, it’s way better. They also have a premium model with a 5-year warranty, perfect for beginners and hose use. 

Included in the box

  • Dirt Blaster
  • 1L bottle cleaner
  • Vario lance
  • 2 batteries
  • T350 patio cleaner

7. Bosch AQT 33-11 – Best low price pressure washer

best low in price pressure washerThe Bosch price-friendly as we call it, the first thing you get attention when you see this low in price best pressure washer is the size as it can be very easy to store it with a light weight to move around older people and those who don’t want to have a heavy one and an easy way to move around with a cleaner this one is perfect for them. 

When it comes to assembling, most electric pressure washers out there needs an Assembly And a guide to do it. While This Bosch is that type when you first get it out, you can use it directly without worrying about the assembly part.

This high washer is easy to handle manually, with a high-efficiency water pump. it’s eco-friendly due to the energy saving and the less use of fuel. One of the best parts of this product is easy to store feature as we all know that people won’t be using the electric or washer every single day (only commercial use).

So the most important challenge people face is storing their washer. The Bosch thought about it and made it perfectly designed to store easily compared to other washers it’s the best when it comes to saving space. 

Most of the people, who are looking for electricity powered pressure washers are looking for a long term investment in this product. Due to many reasons such as price, and the job intended to be used for. therefore for our Bosch here the company thought about it and made a water filter. So it can keep the interior as clean as possible, as a result this part will make the electric washer last longer than most other washers.


Pressure  Hose length Motor Water flow Rate
110 Bar 3m 1300 W 330 L/h

What will you find inside the box?

  • The Bosche AQT 33-11 electric pressure washer
  • The manual (how to use it)
  • Lance

Final thoughts about the Bosch AQT 33-11 

In general, it’s a great product. and one of the most important thing as a feature, is the light weight. Moving it around with ease while it doesn’t only have this option. It’s also powerful to use on a car or a bike and even a floor, So if you are looking for low price electric pressure washer and an easy one to store that can get the job done this one is for you.

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