Top 9 Best Graphics Card 2018 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Confused which is the best graphics card 2018 you want to buy?

first of all My name’s Albert Blackwell, I’m a Cisco Certified Network Engineer. Also in love with games and I know it’s hard to choose the right product when it comes to the best graphics card 2018, especially and due to a lot of different amazing available choices ones out there.

That is why I have created a top 9 list of the best video cards on the market.

Best Graphics Card 2018

best graphics card 2018

We have invested our precious time in researching the market and testing the GPU’s  models out there to pick up a top 9 list. hence, We at ON reviews really recommend that you read the full graphics card Buying guide below before you make a purchase.

As you can see below is a full table which shows our top 8 best graphics card 2018. Each and every graphics card is chosen by our specialist reviewers. 

This Month’s Best Video Cards

Graphics Card NameMemory Clock SpeedGraphics Ram Size Graphics Coprocessor Price
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti
1480 MHz11GB GDDR5XGDDR5 Latest Price On Amazon
Nvidia GTX 1080
1607 MHz8GB GDDR5XGDDR5 Latest Price On Amazon
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050
1354MHz2000 MB (2 GB)GDDR5 Latest Price On Amazon
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
1506 MHz8192 MB (8 GB)GDDR5 Latest Price On Amazon
Zotac GTX 1080 MINI
1620 MHz8000 MB (8 GB)GDDR5 Latest Price On Amazon
AMD Radeon R9 Nano fury
1000 MHz4000 MB (4 GB)HBM Latest Price On Amazon

1000 MHz4000 MB (4 GB)HBM Latest Price On Amazon
Nvidia GeForce GTX 960
1279 MHz
4000 MB (4 GB)GDDR5 Latest Price On Amazon
Radeon™ RX 460
1256 MHz4000 MB (4 GB)GDDR5 Latest Price On Amazon

What are the System Requirements that you have to consider before buying your graphics card?

what you need is a PCI-Express x16 slot as you can see it on the right. And as far as I know, almost every latest motherboard comes with this card slot.

– the power supply needs to have extra cables to make sure you can power the video card with these cables

Furthermore, the case of the PC should have extra space because if you have a small case you should consider finding a bigger one, the card will struggle to fit in a small one.

Famous brands like AMD & NVIDIA:

We can’t just avoid to not talk about them so what do these companies do?

they create the chips which power the video cards as simple as that.

Let’s not take it any longer, here comes the part where we dig deep into each graphics card we reviewed:

1. Nvidia GTX 1080 TiBest high-end graphics card in 2018

best high-end graphics card 2017

One of the fastest graphics card you can have for the money, the GTX 1080 Ti come with high factory clocks, 11GB of Graphics memory with customized high factory clocks, triple fan and cooler.

We can call it the best Nvidia’s graphics card for the 2018 year with the ability to stream 4K and beyond, the price of this card is more than $500 and it’s the most expensive Ti type for the meanwhile but for those who have a budget this one is for now and also for the future.

most gamers and designers who are seeking for great card might get wrong with this one as the name includes 1080, the first idea would be thinking that this card is an enhanced GTX 1080 and that’s totally wrong as it contains a different chip.

Important characteristics

Stream Processors Core Clock Memory Memory Clock
3,584 1,480MHz 11GB GDDR5X 11GHz 

2. Nvidia GTX 1080 – Best Cheap Graphics Card in 2018 for 4K Gaming

best cheap 4k gaming graphics card 2017

When first this card was announced by the company Nvidia, it was a surprise to all customers and gamers. It was not only faster than the Titan x But faster than two GTX 980 in SLI

it’s not a two 980s in every feature for sure but it has a great performance at 4k, the question that could be asked: will this card be able to work perfectly with any game at 3840*2160? for an honest answer we would say no. But it’s too much to ask for a graphics card as this card will be able to handle most games at 4k with above 30 average FPS, also if you want a GPU that can handle 60 plus FPS you will need a more expensive card or two graphics cards.

The GTX 1080 is one of the best graphics card 2018 and also one of the fastest cards that NVIDIA created. 

Important Features

Stream Processors Core Clock Memory Memory bandwidth
2,560 1,607MHz 8GB GDDR5X 320GB/s

3. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Budget Friendly Graphics card

budget friendly graphics card 2017

If you are low on budget and looking for a great graphics card that will for sure run games such as overwatch and Dota 2 as it can deliver 100 frames per second. It’s considered one of the cheapest graphics card that Nvidia created for the reason of taking eSports gaming to FULL HD.

So we speak it’s only for that kind as run more games that have no more than full HD, and due to the external power connector and The low power consumption which made it unique as you can find it even in laptops such as the DELL 15.


Stream Processors Core Clock Memory TDP
640 1,354MHz 2GB GDDR5 75W


4. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 – Best Graphics Card for the money 2018


When it comes to finding best graphics card 2018 there are always new ones will be released from the huge tech companies. So let me be honest, I tried The video card. and I also got several 980 Ti’s and a GTX 1080’s for some reason I had to try the GTX 1070 graphics card and I was more than impressed by the amazing performance.

Every bit is as good as 1080, you can’t see any difference running them both at the same time. The same tools and games run blindingly Very fast. of course FPS is much better on 1080, however that means nothing if a human being can’t notice that.




Minimum System Requirements

  • Motherboard:
    PCI EXPRESS 3.0 motherboard compliant with one dual with x16 graphics slot.
  •  Power supply:
    500 W minimum with one 8 pins Express supplementary power connectors
  • supported operation systems:
    Windows 32 or 64-bit version 10,8,7
    Linux 32 or 64 bit
    FreeBSD x86
  • Memory:  8 GB works just fine but as recommended 16GB Would be perfect
  • Internet connection for the installation of drivers
  • around 400 MB free space


5. Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Mini 8GB – 2018 Best Mini Graphics card


The spot number 6 is reserved for the mini type of graphics card, it’s the Zotac 1080 mini with 8gb GDDR5X.

It’s considered as the worlds smallest graphics card in 2018. it’s true that it’s tiny, but it has all the power of 1080 video card. It does a great gaming performance as we tested it.

The length is around 21cm only! The cooling system of this card has 6mm copper heat pipes. with aluminum fin stack. It’s clocked faster if we compare it to a similar edition. So the cooler is not that noisy with a good cooling performance. Design, in general, can’t be better due to the fact that it is the smallest in history.

Processor Memory Speed Ram Dimensions
1620 MHz 10000 MHz 8 GB 8.3 x 1.6 x 4.9 inches


6. AMD Radeon RX 460 – Best Graphics Cards under $200 in 2018


The next up is what I would love to call budget friendly cheap best graphics card 2018. that’s the  AMD Radeon RX 480, and it’s the best graphics card under 200.
The video card is based on the Polaris 11, and for those who might not know what Polaris is, well as AMD describes it: as an architecture which delivers what they call (historical) leap in performance per watt. AMD called it Polaris referring to the brightest star that could be seen from earth.

best graphics card


Polaris 10 and 11  are the extremely fast and most power efficient GPU’s to this date by AMD.

The processor of the graphics card Radeon RX 460 have the ability to pack three billion transistors into 123 sauqare millimeters of die space.

7. AMD Radeon R9 Fury Nano – Best video card 2018


let’s start with the impressive design of the AMD  R9 fury graphics card, it has an amazing looking and one of the reviewers said that he spent his first hour just looking at how impressive the design was.
Also besides the good looking of course the best graphics card 2018 that has the ability to game with a ready 4k to go with high detailed setting, The fury R9 is not as good as the fury R9 X however it shares similar hardware which uses graphics core with turbo charged components. And 16 stream processor in each shader engine, with a new component which is high bandwidth memory it actually replaces the old GDDR5.
the only  other card that could compete with this graphics card is
NVIDIA GEOFORCE GTX 980 and for sure the fury is able to beat GEOFORCE GTX 980 regarding the benchmarks however it can’t beat it at performance.

8. AMD Radeon R9 Fury X – Best Computer Graphics Card


The R9 Fury X graphics card trellises a new GPU dubbed Fiji which is based on the graphics core next architecture used by AMD since 6 years ago.

The performance of this video card is extremely rapid with much power for the ability to run games easily and smoothly at 1440 and 4K. credits should go for the HBM memory which serves up much more 3x the bandwidth per watt over GDDR5.


9. Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 – Best gaming graphics card


The best graphics card 2018 Geforce GTX 960 is based on GM206 Maxwell chip built using a 28nm process, it can offer 1024 shader cores and the memory of this card is 5 GB GDDR5.
The overall performance of this video card is near the AMD RADEON R9 280, it should suffice for most of the games in FULL HD.
GTX 980 without load consumes around 10 watts and during the gaming, it’s around 110 watts and that’s less than the Radeon 285


Confused about how much money is too much to spend on a best graphics card 2018

in the last 10 years due to the huge development humans achieved and what technology provided us is absolutely unbelievable, especially when it comes to the wide monitors with the 4K technology. So if you want to start gaming with a 4K resolution we have the solution and we already listed in the table above Radeon R9 and Nvidia GTX 1070 are just perfect if you want to hit 60 fps as 40 fps is guaranteed

What’s the best graphics card brand? NVIDIA or AMD

before we answer I would like to tell you that we can’t directly say one is better than the other because before we say that we have to ask sub-questions and these questions define which one is best for you. The answers vary from one to another.

  • which one uses less power?
    that’s for sure Nvidia’s Cards.
  • is the Directx 12 supported?
    Yes by both companies.
  • Will the game-play be smooth?
    they are both offering a technique which helps the game to be smooth even at low frame-rates and this technology is called:
    AMD Freesync
    Nvidia G-Sync
  • who doesn’t love the word FREE? we all do right?
    well AMD is offering games for free, it all depends on the price.
    Also, NVIDIA’s new marketing techniques made some decent offers and of course it depends from a country to another.


The importance of the graphics card

in our latest review we talked about the importance of a petrol pressure washer in our home but this time it’s about another field which is Graphics. We walked you through best graphics card 2018, For that matter, We all know that the most important part of your PC is your graphics card, especially if you’re a gamer or a designer just like me :p ^^.

The best GPU show’s how good are the games you play. With that being said the most part that I recommend focusing on is building the GPU. SO before looking for a graphics card in 2018, The first thing that you have to consider is asking yourself this question: what kind of games I do play? well, the answer is very important because if you play low impact games you actually don’t have to spend so much money buying an expensive graphics card that you don’t in fact need. However, if you’re a big fan of VR or you got a full HD 4K PC monitor, then a powerful Graphics card is inevitable.

Before we go to details of these graphics card I need to tell you that both big companies like AMD and Intel are now actually including some really heavy quality graphics card built into their products which mean that you can play some games without even updating your video card,  what I’m really trying here is to get to the point that if you only play counter strike and Minecraft you don’t have to buy a new graphics card, but I know you’re here because you’re looking for  the best graphics card 2018, and I also know you like to play some heavy graphics games like Hitman which requires powerful graphics card for your PC. Protection Status

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